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From Tragedy to Triumph!She was enjoying a weekend with her family when her dad noticed some swelling on her cheek. The original thought was that it wasn't anything serious—until the swelling grew noticeably over the next couple of days. That's when her parents...


Matt Schneider breaks down what Burn the Boats really means and why having that as a mindset is important to not abandon goals. He also gives permission to take a mental health day and gives you a glimpse of what his mental health day looks like.

Are YOU Apart of a 54% Stat???

Matt Schneider wishes everyone a Happy Labor Day and drops a pretty crazy Stat that A Lot of people you know or possibly you fall into. Check out his two solutions on how to not be this STAT!

Are YOU A Duck?!?!

Matt Schneider wants to know if you are a duck? He asks questions that most people don’t want to hear, let alone answer. Are you brave enough?

How to REALLY Get Ahead…

Matt Schneider is very direct about how to really get ahead. He breaks down the two very important things in your life that you need to assess and take action on right away.

Do YOU Believe In Fairytales?

This is what you have been needing to hear!!! Matt Schneider breaks down the fairytale and the “happily ever after”, dragon slaying stories we have been told over and over. He reminds us what we really need to be preparing for…

Are YOU Ready To Hear The Hard Truth?

Matt Schneider may ruffles some feathers by stating the hard truth about being fat. The overwhelming evidence of why you should invest in your health and do the work should be a HUGE wake up call!!! MUST READ!

Are YOU Hesitating???

Matt Schneider takes us back to his SWAT and US Marshals Fugitive Team days. He explains how hesitation can lead to devastation and teaches you how to avoid it.