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What is “LEGACY” Anyway?

Matt Schneider speaks some hard truths about legacy and how what we do and who we are (even still) matters. Make sure to implement the 3 calls to action.

What Were You Taught About Money?

Matt Schneider drops a crazy statistic about Money that is and is not surprising. He also give you 3 questions to ask yourself and your family that will help you to have more money.

Are You in A Hurry?!?!

Matt Schneider talks about his weekend working with the Squire Class 009. He shares the impact of non-negotiable core values on his life and how living with the “Memento Mori” makes you live life with urgency.

Are YOU Ready to be INSPIRED?!?! READ THIS NOW!!!

Matt Schneider is COMPLETELY OPEN, HONEST, & VULNERABLE!!! If you want to know his journey and the details about his lowest lows and how he climbed out of those downfalls and created the life he has now… Start Reading!!! His story is beyond INSPIRING!!!

Is Average your Enemy?

It is officially Halloween and the kick-off to the Holiday season. Matt Schneider breaks down how the Average Person Inspires No One. Are you going to take the average path or the path of inspiration this holiday season?