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Are YOU Hesitating???

Matt Schneider takes us back to his SWAT and US Marshals Fugitive Team days. He explains how hesitation can lead to devastation and teaches you how to avoid it.

Are YOU Ready to be INSPIRED?!?! READ THIS NOW!!!

Matt Schneider is COMPLETELY OPEN, HONEST, & VULNERABLE!!! If you want to know his journey and the details about his lowest lows and how he climbed out of those downfalls and created the life he has now… Start Reading!!! His story is beyond INSPIRING!!!

Is Average your Enemy?

It is officially Halloween and the kick-off to the Holiday season. Matt Schneider breaks down how the Average Person Inspires No One. Are you going to take the average path or the path of inspiration this holiday season?

Are you the Potato or the Egg?

Matt Schneider gives 3 solutions when it comes to allowing yourself to become the egg rather than the potato. He also gives an invitation to not be afraid to ask for help. A LOT of people need to read this!

Is It Ever Really Too Late?

Matt Schneider explains how he hates toxic people and drama. Then he gives a real life and close to home example of someone in his life who had some tough choices to make.

“How did you do it?”

Matt Schneider gives you the nuts and bolts to playing life’s game of inches and spending more time on peaks than in the depths of the valleys.

GSD – Getting Sh*% Done

With inflation in the US, families can generate additional income by other sources. Business Coach Matt Schneider of Ignition Year Coaching can show you how!

New Team Member

Intro to Matt Schneider’s new EA, Bridgette Hosick. With her growth mindset and extensive background, Matt and Ignition Year Coaching are happy to have her.

The Power of Proximity

When proximity changes, so does outcomes. Matt explains his journey & how he has people like Tim Kennedy, Wes Whitlock, and Bedros Keuilian in his proximity.

Core Values

Making excuses for your problems will leave you broke in every way. Establishing Core Values gives you standards to operate off of. Matt Schneider show us how.