Matt Schneider

Turning the chaos of hyper growth into a leveraged team and optimized systems, so CEOs can take back their freedom, profits, and vision.


Why choose Ignition Year

While you’ve built your business to a point of relative success, you aren’t experiencing the freedom you thought entrepreneurship would bring.

And… you know there’s so much more potential that you haven’t tapped into.

You’ve built a “successful” business, but can’t quite keep your head above water as it continues to grow.

In fact, the growth in your business is pushing you over the edge. You are unclear about how to pull the next critical growth lever, are on the verge of burn out, and feel as though you’ve been handcuffed to your company.

You are

Overwhelmed. Frustrated. Lonely.

But, something tells you it doesn’t have to be that way.

You aren’t afraid of doing the work.

You aren’t making excuses.

But you do need strategic guidance to get things under control.

You’re at a tipping point, but if you play your cards right, it will catapult your company into exponential growth… But you want to make sure that growth doesn’t cost you the freedom you became an entrepreneur to enjoy.

I get it.

I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs in your exact shoes, and have a track record of success that’s truly unmatched.

Matt Schneider

The benefits of working with Ignition Year









“I was stuck in a loop for the past 10 years and couldn’t seem to break out no matter what I tried. Working with Matt for just a couple of months drastically changed my direction. Freeing up time, increase in revenue, and an overall broader vision of what’s possible in a career I thought was full of dead end roads. If you’re thinking about signing up, just pull the trigger! You won’t regret it.”

Sam S.
Owner/Tattoo Artist, Sam Scott Art

3 Critical Components to Reclaiming Your Freedom and Maximizing Your Profits


Right now, your team isn’t optimized. Which means you spend most of your time carrying the mental load of EVERYTHING in your business. In order to reclaim your freedom, you need a team of intrapreneurs who understand the vision, and understand exactly what’s in it for them, as they help the company drive profitability.


99.9% of problems in business are leadership issues. Which means, most solutions start with leadership. In order to drive results, without adding to your workload, you’ve got to understand and execute on a set of core leadership principles, that are completely non-negotiable.


A lack of clarity means wasted time, resources, and human potential. Without clear communication that effectively articulates the who, what, why, when, where, and how for each critical piece of business, your company will continue to leak profits… and you’ll continue to be handcuffed to your company.

Meet Matt

My years in special ops gave me an entirely different outlook on life and business. The precision required to make life altering decisions under extreme pressure, has given me a unique edge that my clients leverage…


In a short amount of time, I’m able to asses your current business structure, diagnose the significant areas requiring repair, and help you set up the most effective systems for operational excellence, leadership, and communication, so you can finally enjoy some freedom without sacrificing productivity and profitability.

I’ve personally built and sold multiple businesses, including being the co-owner of a global SaaS company with a target valuation of $100M, and have had experience working with some of the largest brands in the country.

I can take what feels like chaos and turn it into a well-oiled machine (that doesn’t need you in every detail), so you can accelerate your growth and ignite your vision.

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See what they’re saying

Awesome clients who launched their companies into an entirely new category of success.

There’s no better proof of the effectiveness of my coaching than the testimonials from my clients and their teams who are dominating personally and professionally.

Jaime Rojas

Dr. Matt Barefoot DDS, MD

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

I give Matt my highest recommendation and believe that he is a tier one asset to any organization.

I signed up for the ignition year coaching program and began to work with Matt and almost immediately saw a massive impact in my business. In the first few months of our partnership, systems were created alleviating points of frustration, additional sources of revenue were implemented and exponential growth started to occur.

After engaging with Matt and the ignition year coaching program I feel that there is literally no limit on the heights that my business can achieve.

Cynthia Thurlow

Cynthia Thurlow

Womans Wellness Coach

I have consistently invested in my business over the past 6+ years, but left a large, well known mastermind in 2022, and took time to figure out what the next strategic investment I needed to make in my business.

I was introduced to Matt through a mutual friend….and at our first meeting, he asked me what my big audacious goals were…..and the rest was history. I’m a direct, concise person and Matt has a similar prevailing philosophy.

It was evident from the very beginning that Matt would help me strategically re-organize my business in a way to ensure that it proceeded with greater intention, success. He consistently challenged me, my mindset, my vision and helped re-establish my focus. I started questioning the way that I had been operating before and realized it was part of the journey…constantly re-evaluating, re-establishing, re-investing. Never settling for 2nd best in any capacity.

I received consistent feedback; an invitation to better myself and my mindset. Lots of books and invaluable resources were shared.

The work was challenging…I had to show up every 2 weeks and share progress, goals and questions. He counseled me on a variety of issues….and he was ALWAYS right…even if I didn’t realize it in the “moment”. He wanted nothing more than my success, the success of my team and the evolution of the business.

At the end of 2023, I’m happy to report that we are in a position to state that this is my best year financially, but also emotional and professional growth.

I’m so grateful for the work that Matt and I have already done and will continue to do.

Jaime Rojas

Darren Adams

Dry Fork Diesel

Working with Matt on our business has been both awesome and an eye opener.  He brings tremendous wisdom and experience to the table.

Prior to coaching with Matt I thought we were ready to go to the next level and start opening up additional locations.  We were clearly not ready after diving into the details of our business.

He has helped not only bring clarity to me one-on-one, but he is also working with two of my key players inside the company and it is helping to move the needle in all areas of the company.

We have set new records multiple times in the last 4 months that we have been working together.

Joseph Humpherys
Surgeon, Monument Health

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Jaime Rojas Jr.
Owner, Rojas Communications Group

Brands I’ve Worked With

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