Do YOU Want Your Life to Dramatically Improve?

Sep 11, 2023 | Monday Mindset

Good morning!

Certain moments in life are so profound that nothing is ever the same again.

This email is about 3 of them…

The first is the 9/11 attacks. If you were alive when they took place, you know exactly where you were when you found out. I was in the police academy.

I remember the exact desk I was sitting at as we watched… shocked and horrified.

Where were you at the time? It’s always interesting to hear.

The 2nd is when I was pulled from the depths of psychological hell…

I was a couple of years into entrepreneurship and completely out of money. My personal and professional life was a total mess, and I had no idea what to do about it.

That’s when Troy McClain sat me down and gave it to me straight…. He taught me that many things in life are common sense but not common knowledge.

One of those things was that the “fish rots from the head.” As the leader of my company, I needed to stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution.

It hurt to hear but he was right. And I will forever be thankful that he cared enough about me and had enough experience as an entrepreneur himself to pull me aside, expose my blindspots, and then spend the day whiteboarding various ways to improve.

The last moment I’ll share came in 2021 when I was sat down by the CEO of a software company and offered equity to join his team. If I said yes to his offer, I would be a minority owner of a SaaS company with a One-hundred-million-dollar target valuation… I said yes.

And I share that with you because there is nothing special about me. I was given millions of dollars worth of equity because of three things… 1) hard work, 2) discipline, and 3) resilience.

Because of those three things, my family and I are 8-figure entrepreneurs and have an amazing life of abundance.

And while I can not promise you that if you work hard, are disciplined, and resilient you’ll be offered what I was, I can guarantee that your life and circumstances will dramatically improve.

So to wrap it up,

  • Do not take today for granted…
  • Mentors can save your marriage, business, and life…
  • Hard work, Discipline, and Resilience are three ingredients to a profoundly better life.

Go forth and conquer!

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