Are You Willing To Take A Different Path?

Dec 4, 2023 | Monday Mindset

Good morning,

A few years back I was driving through the Idaho mountains behind a car that refused to go any faster than 10MPH below the speed limit.

After several miles behind this guy, I had enough… But because the roads were windy and a narrow 2 lanes, I had to wait for a straightaway.

FINALLY, after miles of frustratingly looking down at my speedometer, we got to a long straightaway.

I made sure there were no oncoming cars and then made my move…

I made the pass only to do so at a place where an Idaho State Trooper was pulled to the side of the road checking for speeders. And sure enough, just as I merged back into my lane, the trooper’s car pulled out onto the road with all the pretty lights twinkling.

After pulling over, the Trooper approached my window and asked how fast I was going down that stretch. I told him I didn’t know. Well, he did… it was almost 30 over the speed limit.

Being that the trooper witnessed the reason for my speed, I asked him how long it would have taken me to pass the vehicle ahead of me if I had only increased my speed by 10MPH to the posted speed limit.

He didn’t know, and neither did I. Neither of us were mathematicians. But the trooper agreed that it would have taken me MILES to make the pass. And what sealed my fate was when I asked him how fast he had to drive to catch up to me. It was certainly much higher than the posted speed limit… and we both knew it.

The trooper took my license and went back to his car. After a short while, he came back and told me to drive safely. No ticket.

So why do I share that story with you?

Because this morning while at the gym, I talked to a fellow entrepreneur who told me about some challenges he’s having in his business. So I told him he should check out The Lab Mastermind, to which he responded, I will soon, but I’m too busy right now.

I asked him if he had the answers to the challenges he’s currently facing. He confirmed he did not. I asked him if not having the answers was part of the reason why he was so busy. He confirmed it was.

So I reminded him that if he wants different, he’s got to do different.

And that is the message for you.

In your Health, Wealth, or Relationships… Personally or Professionally… if something isn’t going your way, take a DIFFERENT path than what you’ve been taking.

We know that doing the same thing repeatedly without changing will yield the same outcomes… and to expect anything different is insanity.

I had two options while behind that car… 1) Stay behind it and continue going slower than I wanted, or 2) Pass the obstacle in my way that was slowing me down.

So here is my call to action for you…

Remember that if you do nothing to change your circumstances, that is a choice. And you’re choosing to continue getting more of what you’ve been getting. Don’t expect different outcomes for doing and allowing for the same things.

In any area of your life, explore what isn’t working for you and DO DIFFERENT than whatever got you there.

If you want change, you MUST do things differently.

Go forth and conquer!


P.S. The Lab Mastermind is a room with entrepreneurs with HUNDREDS of years of experience to help you solve challenges, collapse time to hit goals, and create more exciting opportunities.

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