Do YOU Believe In Fairytales?

Jun 12, 2023 | Monday Mindset

Monday Mindset


Good morning Dragon Slayers!

Since we were kids, we’ve been told stories about courageous knights who have fought and slayed fire-breathing dragons in their journeys to rescue the princess.

Each story ends the same… The knight finds the dragon, the dragon falls to the knight’s sword, the knight runs to the tallest room in the castle, finds his awaiting princess, and they ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after.

These fairytale love stories painted the picture that if we can overcome adversity and fear, good will conquer evil, and we can have a “happily ever after” with the love of our life…

But that’s not quite how the real world operates, is it?

In reality, you and I go toe to toe with dragons all the time. But the dragons in our lives aren’t giant fire-breathing flying lizards.

No… The dragons in our lives are chaos and life ambushes.

The dragons show up in many ways, such as…

  • A sudden loss of a job..
  • Getting rear-ended by a distracted driver..
  • The flu the day before a big presentation at work..
  • A call from your child’s principal saying they violated the no-touch policy by playing duck, duck, goose on the playground and were being suspended..
  • Your spouse telling you they want a divorce…

The dragon is that unexpected and uninvited circumstance that turns everything upside down.

You know the dragon well and have many stories about the times you’ve had to fight it. And perhaps you’re fighting with a dragon now…

Here’s what I will tell you.

The fairytales we were told as children set us up for failure. We don’t live in a world where we only have to be courageous one time and defeat a single dragon in order to achieve “happily ever after.”

We have to fight dragons all throughout our lives. And sometimes, we can find ourselves battling more than one at a time.

Nobody is exempt from experiencing the dragon, and nobody can avoid meeting it numerous times in their lifetime.

During those times, I want you to remember that life is full of peaks and valleys. If you’re in a valley right now, the peaks are just up ahead if you’re willing to do the work to make the climb.

Be resilient.
Have thick skin.
Be courageous.
Choose your friends wisely.
Be humble.

That is the way you deal with adversity, conflict, challenging circumstances, and overcoming the times when the odds are stacked against you.

Go slay the day, my friends!


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