Who Do YOU Allow In Your Mental Garden???

Apr 10, 2023 | Monday Mindset

Monday Mindset 🏆🚀


Morning team,

You ever been around someone where the more they talked, the more you felt like you had to exit the conversation?

My wife and I work out at a couple of different spots. One of them is a big box gym, mostly because of its sauna.

Like most gyms, there’s the normal gaggle of people every morning. And amongst that gaggle are two fellas in particular that I can’t stand to be around…

… And we’ve never spoken a word to each other.

From the very beginning of my wife and I working out there, these two guys have been consistent at being at the gym by 6am and hitting the sauna around 7am… The same timelines as my wife and I. They’ve also been super consistent in the amount of complaining they do to each other.

At first, I thought these guys were just in a tough season and were using each other as a sounding board for a vent session. But as time’s gone on, day after day, these two guys continue to come to the gym and take a big fat shit in each other’s mental garden.

They take what could be a really healthy experience for the mind and body and introduce layer after layer of mental garbage.

Rather than starting their day with a dopamine hit from a good workout and stacking an early morning win, they start with a surge of cortisol which does a great job of putting the mind and body into a state of stress and fight or flight.

[Can you imagine what their interactions must be like with their family after getting home from a mental shit session… And then the ripple effect of that on each of their days??]

So here’s the point of today’s Mindset email…

1) There are people who aren’t careful with their mental garden and won’t be with yours either. Rather than tend to their garden and feed their minds what it needs to thrive, they shit all over it. They think the grass is greener on the other side, but fail to water the grass on their side. Be guarded around these types of people and trespass them out of your space.

2) Don’t shit in your own garden. Not everything is going to go your way all of the time. For the times when the circumstances are less than ideal, rather than playing a negative, self-deprecating mental loop, look for the silver lining and the opportunity to improve. Then take action to improve it.

It is imperative for your health, relationships, and overall success that you ONLY surround yourself with other people who understand the power of mindset. People who take ownership of their actions and are committed to excellence..

  • They will have a more loving relationship with their spouse..
  • They will have a tighter bond with their kids..
  • They will have a healthier mind and body..
  • And they will be living a more fulfilled life in general!

Look, if you want to have the healthiest relationships with your spouse, kids, friends, and even yourself, don’t allow garden shitters to enter your garden. Cut out the negative people, circumstances, habits, and actions. Then replace it with positive people, circumstances, habits, and actions.

The difference in outcomes you’ll produce for yourself and loved ones are shockingly different.

Go forth and conquer!

igniteyourlife #umbuntu

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