Do YOU Have A Solid Morning Routine?

Apr 17, 2023 | Monday Mindset

Monday Mindset 🏆🚀


Good morning Team & Happy Monday,

Do you have a solid morning routine?

If not, you absolutely need to. And here’s why…

Having a TO DO list is important. And so is having a WILL NOT DO list.

A morning routine allows you to start stacking wins immediately after waking up. And by the time your routine is complete, you’ve already set the stage for having a very productive day and have created momentum that will launch you into the rest of the day.

Here is the morning routine for my wife and I…

0430: Alarm goes off. I DO NOT have a Snooze Button on my alarm and neither should you.
04:30:15: Fifteen seconds after my alarm goes off, I have a Google Home smart bulb set to turn on. This bulb is BRIGHT. I have it set for fifteen seconds after my alarm to give me a chance to acknowledge the alarm and turn it off without looking into this bright ass light!
0435: I get up and let our German Shepherd outside, and while she does her thing, I make coffee for my wife and I.
0445: We read. Like clockwork, I take a seat on the couch with my book and my wife sits down on the floor with her book and straps on her Hyperice Normatec leg compression system. She sets the timer on the Normatec for 30 minutes.
0515: Get ready for the gym.
0535: My wife and I leave the house for the gym.
0600: Workout
0730: We’re back from the gym.
0750: My wife takes our son to school
0800: I dive into emails and knock them out.
0900: My calls begin with my teams and clients…. And we’re off to the races for the day!

We rinse and repeat this morning routine every day of the week.

Having a morning routine is a very important ingredient in making sure that you have time to take care of yourself. Once your kids are up and the day gets underway with all of the chaos and demands, you’re unable to give yourself the focused energy needed to ensure you’re making your own development a priority. And when you have the same morning routine as your spouse, as I do, it makes for great bonding time each and every morning!

If you do have a morning routine, I’d love to hear what it is. Hit reply and let me know!

Go forth and conquer!

igniteyourlife #ubuntu

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