“Day 1” Instead Of “ONE DAY”…

Oct 2, 2023 | Monday Mindset

Good morning,

“DAY 1” instead of “ONE DAY”…
I heard Navy SEAL Ray “Cash” Care say that at a Tim Grover event the other day.

I used to be guilty of constantly talking about the future in a way that never made the future arrive…

I’d say things like, “One day I’m going to be out of debt, or “One day I’m going to lose this extra body fat” or “One day…..”

And the truth was “One Day” would never arrive because I wasn’t doing much more than just talking about what I hoped would “someday” be reality.

It wasn’t until I stopped “talking skinny but eating fat” that my health, weight, and physique changed.

It was only when I created additional revenue streams of income that I was able to pay off virtually all of our debt.

It was only when I ditched my fixed-minded circles and started hanging around more action-takers and high achievers that “one day” was only a matter of time instead of wishful thinking.

And that’s just the reality…

When it comes to progressing in any important area of your life, you’ve got to start with Day 1. And the sooner Day 1 arrives, the sooner “someday” turns into “today”.

So my Monday Mindset question for you is this… What is ONE thing that you’ve been putting off for far too long that you’re willing to make today DAY ONE of doing what needs to be done to make that thing you want a reality?

Hit reply and let me know. I’d love to hear!

Go forth and conquer,


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