Quitting Your Way To Greatness…

Aug 14, 2023 | Monday Mindset

Qutting your way to greatness…
Last week I had my good friend and former Navy SEAL, Ray “Cash” Care, speak on the Ubuntu Couples Community call.

If you know Ray, you know he’s got a huge personality and is driven by his passion for helping others succeed.

During the call, Ray said something that took everyone by surprise… He said, “I am one of the biggest quitters you’ll ever meet.”

Now Navy SEALs are known for many things, but quitting is definitely not one of them. Here’s what he said to follow up on his admission to being a quitter…

Ray said, “When it comes to things, people, or habits that don’t serve me or my family well, I QUIT them. I don’t negotiate with myself or others about it; NO, I quit it. Immediately.”

This was a powerful moment for everyone on the call. It just lands differently when you hear someone that spent nearly a decade with the SEAL Teams and over a decade as a CIA Operative speak to the power of quitting.

Then Ray turned the tables on all of us.

He asked, “What is ONE thing you will QUIT?! What’s one thing that you know you shouldn’t be doing, and you’re willing to quit right now?”

When he asked us that question, I knew what it was for me… Chewing tobacco.

I picked up the habit back in 2012 as an undercover narcotics detective and I’ve used it daily ever since.

So at that moment, I took the opportunity in front of Ray and the entire community on the call, and I held up the can of Camel Snus that was sitting on my desk, and I said, “THIS. This is what I quit, TODAY!”.

That was on August 8, 2023. It’s now been 6 days, and I haven’t touched the stuff since. Nor will I ever again. Because I made a commitment and because my family deserves that I keep that commitment.

Now… Here’s where I pass along the challenge to you.

What is ONE thing you know is not serving you and your family? What’s ONE thing that is a liability rather than an asset? What’s ONE thing you’re willing to QUIT TODAY?

Without question, you’ve got more than one thing you know you should quit. The only question is, are you willing to quit it for yourself, your family, and your future?

Hit Reply to this email and let me know what that thing is. I’d love to hear and support you!

Have a great week,

P.S. Ray and I have a Leadership course for companies that want to take their teams to the next level. It’s called Q: Course. Check it out here!

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