Are YOU Hesitating???

May 1, 2023 | Monday Mindset

Monday Mindset 🏆🚀
It’s Monday, May 1st… and time for two things to happen….
1) Get some much-needed Vitamin D after a long winter
2) Kick this week’s ass and become better than we were last week

While I was on the SWAT and US Marshals Fugitive teams, we had a saying, “Hesitation leads to devastation.”

When the team was moving through a structure, if at any point the front guy got to an open door and hesitated to enter it, the entire team behind him would get jammed up. 

You see, when it comes to being the “point guy,” the first guy in the “stack” is never wrong in the direction he chooses to take as he enters a room. The #2 guy knows that whatever direction the point guy goes, he will flow in the opposite direction. The rest of the team will flow into the room according to the direction the person in front of him goes. 

The point guy is NEVER wrong in the direction he chooses to go… UNLESS he hesitates to enter first. 

If hesitated to enter the room and stopped in the doorway, he’s in the “Fatal Funnel”. He is basically framed in at the entry point and acting as a plug for the rest of the team to enter. And if there was a problem in the room, no one behind the point guy could help because they are bottlenecked in the hallway.

That’s where the devastation comes.

I’ve found that devastation due to hesitation isn’t just a SWAT thing but applicable in all of our daily lives. 

Here’s how… 

Each and every day, you and I are able to create opportunities and “stack wins”. By making good choices at each fork in the road we find ourselves, that choice has a positive ripple effect on ourselves, our family, and our community. 

Adversely, there is a ripple effect of making the wrong choice that can oftentimes have a negative compounding effect that can linger and sometime haunt us for years… if not a lifetime. And make no mistake about it… NOT making a decision when a decision needs to be made is making a decision and a tall tale sign of hesitation and avoidance. 

So here’s how you can avoid hesitation that can lead to devastation… 

When you are presented with an opportunity or find yourself at a fork in the road, you almost ALWAYS know immediately what the right decision is. Whether it’s due to past experience, instincts, or your intuition, you know what the right decision is…

… but do you immediately choose that path because you know it’s the right way to go, or do you hesitate because you either want to avoid committing to the decision and/or the other path is more pleasurable?

I want to encourage you to listen to your intuition and instincts. When you get to a point when you need to make a decision, make it. Don’t find yourself in that place of “paralysis through analysis” and letting the opportunity pass you by. Because if you don’t make a decision, the opportunity will either change or disappear and pass you by altogether. 

I challenge you this week to make more decisions based on your intuition and instincts. Don’t worry about connecting all the dots of the fine details at the time of making the decision. As long as you have somewhere between 30% and 80% of the details, you’ve got enough info to make a call. 

Just make a decision and own it. 

Have an awesome week!


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