4-Tips to Staying Focused During the Holidays

Nov 20, 2023 | Monday Mindset

Good morning,

Did you know that on average, 3,000 calories are consumed during the Thanksgiving feast?!

Being that it’s the time of year when people tend to use the holidays as an excuse to stuff their faces and overindulge in refined sugars and artificial everything, I thought I would take this opportunity to encourage you to not be a statistic!

It takes 9 hours to burn off the average Thanksgiving dinner…

So before you go gangbusters on your grandmas famous mashed potatoes or your uncle Mike’s 19 layers dip, here’s a couple of helpful tips to keep you on track with your goals;

1) Eat before you eat. Before you head off to the holiday parties where you know there’s going to be virtually zero nutritional value sitting on any surface, eat a healthy meal and get yourself 80% full on good quality protein.

2) Bring your own bag of jolly. If 450 calories and 120 grams of carbs per cup of spiked egg nog is on the menu at the party, bring a stocking of your favorite low calorie/low sugar drink mix. Personally, Im a fan of vodka/soda with lime. But you do you.

3) Make a commitment to yourself and keep it. Before you get to the places you know are full of opportunities to sabotage your health goals, simply make yourself a commitment of what you will and will not say yes to… Then keep that damn promise to yourself!

4) Prioritize your workouts. Look, you already know… It’s no secret what the recipe for success is. If you want to lose fat, consistent exercise that burns more calories than you consume is going to get you there. So make sure you’re aware of your calories consumption and don’t skip your workouts!

That’s what I’ve got for ya this Thanksgiving week…

A simple reminder that you have goals and not to be weak and pathetic by letting your goals slip due to a lack of discipline. 😎👊🏼

I am thankful to have you in my corner,


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