How to REALLY Get Ahead…

Jul 24, 2023 | Monday Mindset

Monday Mindset 


Good morning difference makers!

I often speak on podcasts, from the stage, and to my coaching clients about the difference between assets and liabilities…

… From a people perspective.

The concept and definitions are the same as we all understand them.
An ASSET is a person, quality, or object of value.
A LIABILITY is a person, quality, or object that puts us at risk or disadvantage.

Regarding the people in our lives, we never want liabilities. And we never want to be a liability to others, either.

And the unfortunate truth is that too many people have far too many liabilities in their lives and, as a result, are constantly at a disadvantage. They wonder why they always seem to be taking two steps forward and one step back. They work.. and work.. and work.. but the outcomes never indicate the effort.

Well, if liabilities surround you, the answer and solution to the frustrations aren’t that elusive.

If you want to REALLY get ahead in your Health, Wealth, and Relationships, do these two things…

1) Conduct an audit of the people in your life (personally and professionally) and CUT OUT the liabilities. Get rid of them.

2) Look in the mirror and ensure you’re not a liability to others. This audit takes high EQ and self-awareness. But it’s a really important audit to do. It’s easy to look externally for the risk factors and forget that we ourselves may be the biggest one of them all. If you’re the liability, high-caliber people and big achievers aren’t going to allow you in their circles.

Here’s my promise to you.. If you commit to eliminating all liabilities from your life and being an asset yourself, you will go much farther, much faster than you ever thought imaginable.

Have a great week!


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