How Well Do YOU REALLY Know Yourself???

Feb 20, 2023 | Monday Mindset

This is the Monday Mindset Newsletter that was sent on Monday 2/20/2022…

It’s Monday and time to GSD!

Let me ask you a question… How well do you really know yourself?

When it comes to your motivationsfears, and behaviors, do you truly know why your patterns of thinking and behavior are what they are, or do you just think you know?

The answer may shock you… And I tell you this from experience. 

Last year I learned about something called a “Core Psychological Complex.” 

A part of our psyche that is directly linked to our thoughts and actions based on what we’re most afraid of. 

Now you and I likely have different Core Psychological Complex (CPC) fears, but to be vulnerable and transparent with you, here are my three greatest fears according to my CPC…

1) Being powerless.
2) Being vulnerable.
3) Ashamed of my weaknesses.  

Those three things are at the heart of my thought patterns and behaviors. They are the things that I want to protect myself from the most. 

When it comes to how I interact with my wife, my CPC is ever-present. When it comes to being a father, my CPC is ever-present. When it comes to how I see and interact with the world, you guessed it, my CPC is ever-present. 

And so is yours. 

You have a Core Psychological Complex, and your fears are ever-present in all of your thought patterns and behaviors as a Husband, Wife, Parent, Entrepreneur, and Friend.  

The question is… Do you know what yours are, and do you know how to use them as strengths?

If you don’t, it’s ok. It wasn’t until recently that I learned about it either. But I will tell you this, I wish I had known about them fifteen years earlier when I married my wife and before I was a dad.

Knowing your Core Psychological Complex and how to turn it into your SUPER POWERS is an absolute GAME CHANGER for you and your family. 

It’s the reason why my wife (she’s learned about her CPC as well) and I communicate better.. have reduced stress, have healthier behaviors, and why my wife and I are more unified than ever before. 

If you don’t know your Core Psychological Complex, you need to…

I’m so convinced by the results within my own family and the results you’d see in yours that I’ve talked Inner Compass, the company that gives the assessments, to give you an amazing opportunity! 

Check out this landing page they set up for you. Use Code: IgniteMDK2023. You will thank me later, I guarantee it. 

Go forth and conquer! 


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