Did you know there are 4 different Levels of Consciousness?

Dec 5, 2022 | Monday Mindset

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Happy Monday, Team!

Did you know there are 4 different Levels of Consciousness?

Back when I owned my Special Operations training company from 2013 – 2019, we would talk about these different zones often as we aimed to achieve getting each SWAT Operator, Military SpecOps, and even civilian self-defenders to a place of skilled responses to lethal and non-lethal force situations based on muscle memory alone.

We had a saying, “When it is time to Respond, the time to Prepare is OVER!”.

Over the past several years of being an Entrepreneur and Executive Leader in multiple international companies, I have worked with my teams on elevating up from the 1st level of consciousness to the 4th (more on that in a moment). The purpose has been to create as many “Special Operators” as possible so they can live their best lives personally and professionally.

I’ve taken great pride in the companies that I own, work with, invest in, and coach, to be places of Personal Development, knowing the end product or service will be produced by the happiest employees and yield the greatest returns and profits for the companies.

But, before I go any further and explain how being in the 4th level of consciousness can elevate you, your loved ones, and your teams’ success, let me first explain what the different levels are…

Level 1: Unconcious Incompetence. This is the state of Ignorance. A place where you don’t know what you don’t know.

Level 2: Conscious Incompetence. This is where you’ve been made aware of something but don’t possess any real knowledge or skill around it. You’re no longer ignorant of something but lack any real expertise about the topic.

Level 3: Conscious Competence: This is where you’re both aware of a particular subject and have general knowledge of the topic. You’re not an expert, but understand the facts needed to carry out a task or hold a conversation.

Level 4: Unconcious Competence: This is where you’re a subject matter expert. When you’re unconsciously competent, you’re able to teach others and effortlessly get things done without thinking about it. Many times being unconsciously competent is referred to as having “muscle memory”.

So how do you apply this to your life and the lives of your loved ones or teams?…

By understanding that there is a process, each of us must go through in order to become an expert. It takes time, investing in yourself, being a good student, being open to feedback, being eager to learn, putting in the sets and reps, and being resilient, to earn our way from ignorance to mastery.

So here is my challenge to you…

Explore the areas of your life where you’d like to see progress in your Health, Wealth, and Relationships. Ask yourself honestly and with humility what your level of consciousness is in all the important areas of your life.

Then ask yourself, If these areas are really that important, are you willing to stay at a place that is anywhere less than mastery? What is the cost of not having mastery in the most important areas of your life?

And here’s the point…. So many people want to improve and progress in the areas of their Health, Wealth, and Relationships but aren’t willing to do what it takes to get to a place of mastery.

They will wish things were different but unwilling to do what it takes to change it.

Don’t be that person. Don’t leave that kind of opportunity on the table.

Being ignorant or even “good but not great” is selling yourself, loved ones, and teams short.

Make it a point to invest in yourself and be prepared to do what it takes to become the very best version of yourself. There is so much opportunity waiting for you on the other side.

The best is yet to come,


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