Are You in A Hurry?!?!

Jan 16, 2023 | Monday Mindset

This is the Monday Mindset Newsletter that was sent on Monday 1/16/2022…

Good morning! 

This weekend, I flew down to Southern California for Squire Class 009. The downpour of rain was a welcomed addition of adversity for us to work through as we worked with the young men and their fathers on what it means to be a man of integrity, have high standards of themselves and be a servant leader to others.

In one of the teaching blocks, I was speaking to the dads about the incredible impact having non-negotiable Core Values has had on my life and my family’s lives. 

In that talk, I spoke about the need to live with urgency and the importance of living with intentionality because the reality is all of us have a very limited amount of time on this planet. For myself, at age 41, I figure I am right around the 50% mark on the number of years I have left to be really active in the adventurous and challenging things I love doing. 

That is a very sobering and humbling thought… 

It reminds me of the quote, “We have two lives, and the second begins when you realize you only have one.” 

Dating back to 300 BC, our ancestors used to say, “Memento Mori,” Latin for “Remember you will die.” 

The lesson here is that when people really and truly realize how short our time is and how uncertain it is, they begin to live differently. 

So here is my ask of you…. Don’t waste time. 

Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter. Don’t argue with strangers and stupid people online. Don’t give your time and attention to people or circumstances that don’t fill your cup. 

Instead, be in a hurry

Be in a hurry to live life with the people you love. 
Be in a hurry to create and enjoy more experiences. 
Be in a hurry to set big audacious goals.
Be in a hurry to accomplish those goals so you can enjoy the outcomes. 
Be in a hurry to travel to exotic places you’ve always desired to see. 
Be in a hurry to create a legacy.
Be in a hurry to make lots of money so you can provide generational wealth.  

That’s it, team… That is your Monday Mindset message. LIVE WITH URGENCY and MEMENTO MORI

Go forth and conquer!


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