“Proximity is POWERFUL, and Polarization is Essential.”

Jan 30, 2023 | Monday Mindset

This is the Monday Mindset Newsletter that was sent on Monday 1/30/2022…

Good morning,

If you’re a parent, you remember the times when you would tell your kids how important it was for them to choose good friends. You knew that if your kids picked friends that played sports, got good grades, and stayed out of trouble, those friends would be a good influence on your child.

On the flip side, you knew that if your child started hanging around other kids that disregarded the rules, were disrespectful, and got into trouble, your child might just also become one of those kids. Something as a parent, we desperately want to avoid.

As adults, those same rules apply to our lives.

I have a saying, “Proximity is POWERFUL, and Polarization is Essential.”

Here is what I mean…

Being very intentional about who you spend time with and what you spend your time doing will mean the difference between living a “good” life and living a “great” life.

When discussing this topic with my coaching clients, I encourage them to be polarizing. Just like a magnet, you need to push away all unhealthy people, habits, temptations, and circumstances that distract or take you off the course of your goals while simultaneously attracting and pulling closer all healthy people, habits, and circumstances that keep you on track with your goals and dreams.

Below is a list of things that I do and encourage you to do that will make a HUGE difference in optimizing your life in the areas of your Health, Wealth, and Relationships…

  • Establish SMART Goals. If you want to really live a life of progress and achievement in the important areas of your life, always have goals that are Specific.. Measurable.. Attainable.. Relevant.. and Time-Bound.
  • Podcasts and E-Books. Rather than listen to music while on your commute, invest in your personal and professional development by turning on a solid podcast or e-book. Imagine how much more you could be producing if you spent more time learning from experts and had more tools to help you in achieving your goals.
  • Scrub your social media. If you have people on your social media that consistently post drama filled and/or negative content, cut that out of your feed. Don’t voluntarily expose yourself to content that brings your mood or vibration down. Simply unfollow those people or choose the setting not to see their posts.
  • Edit your relationships. The people you spend your time with matter. A lot. If you look around and there are people you spend time with (family included) and they either introduce negativity and/or don’t add value to your life, edit or even delete those relationships.

You don’t have to be an asshole about it… You can simply choose to spend less and less time with them, and if you get questioned about it, you can let them know you are hyper-focused on reaching really exciting goals and focused on achieving them.

  • Be part of a community. The world is a big place, and technology has brought us all together… if we choose to be. There are thousands of amazing people around the world who have the same desires, hunger, drive, and fire in their belly to achieve the same types of goals you have. If you want to really collapse time to achieving amazing things, get involved in communities with other like-minded people and leverage the power of community and accountability to help others achieve their goals and for others to help you achieve yours.

Go Forth and CONQUER!!


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