Do You Have A “Will Not Do” List?!

Jan 2, 2023 | Monday Mindset

This is the Monday Mindset Newsletter that was sent on Monday 1/2/2022…

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it… ANOTHER year in the books!

Where the hell does the time go!?

Well, that’s the topic of today’s Mindset Message…

Have you ever been asked, “How do you manage to get so much done?” by people around you who consistently watch you seemingly run circles around others accomplishing tasks, running multiple companies, and having a really healthy mix of work and life?

Or perhaps, you’re wondering how that’s done as well…

I think we can all agree.. our time is our most precious asset. Who, what, and where we give our time matters.

For those people getting a massive amount of shit done, they clearly don’t have any more hours in the day than anyone else… But often times what they do have are clearly defined goals and laser-focused energy on achieving them.

Did you know that in a study that Forbes did in June 2022, they found that, on average, Americans spend 1,300 hours on Social Media per year? That’s an average of 4 hours a day.. 28 hours a week (over one full day per week).. and 112 hours per month!

With that study’s findings, the average American is losing over 4.5 DAYS per Month scrolling on Social Media. At 4.5 days per month, the average person is losing 54 DAYS per Year…. Almost 2 FULL MONTHS!

Can you believe that?!

If you can’t, take out your phone right now and check your activity usage on social media in the past week/month.

Imagine that… Losing 2 months of productivity per year by doing little more than being in the “scroll hole” of social media.

Imagine what could be achieved if those 4 hours a day, 28 hours per week, and 112 hours per month, were spent on working towards your goals rather than wasted on social media…

Here are 7 things that play a key role in my success as a Husband, Father, Executive Vice President and Co-Owner of a Global Software Company, Entrepreneurial Mentorship business, Investor (my newest company will be announced next month!), and Co-Founder of the MDK Project and the Squire Program.
Have clearly defined annual goals that are reverse-engineered into quarterly and monthly goals.
Turn OFF all social media notifications.
Have a daily “attack list” of the items you WILL get done before opening up any social media or transitioning to things that are less priority.
Have a WILL NOT do list. Most people have a “to-do” list, but having a “will not do” list is every bit as important.
Be a Producer of content, not a Consumer. When you’re on social media, understand that if you are there and only consuming the content, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT. You are falling right into the trap that social media spends tens of millions of dollars per year figuring out how to get you to spend more and more time on their platform. This is also true for TV streaming services…
Use social media to bring you closer to your goals. Your followers should be seen as “social currency,” which is what any consumer of social media is. Provide your followers with value and demonstrate to them that you are an expert in your field. Then, without being salesy or annoying, give your audience a call to action to purchase your product or services.
Ask yourself “who” you need, not “what” you need. The most successful people in the world have a team of other high performers that execute on priorities. When finding yourself at a place where there are not enough hours in the day to get all your priorities accomplished, the solution is likely “who” you need to bring on board for you to delegate to and for them to execute.
SO… If you want to get more things done, accomplish bigger goals, and have an even more productive and fulfilling year, reclaim your 56 days lost in the “scroll hole” of social media, and follow the 7 steps listed above.

Go forth and conquer!


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