Make a Splash: The Pledge For The Plunge in Boise!

Jan 22, 2024 | Monday Mindset

Good morning,

Several months ago a family friend’s 10-year-old daughter was given some news that no one ever wants to hear…

It started with some odd swelling in her face that progressed quickly. And what was originally thought to be some injection turned out to be Stage 4 cancer.

Since then, I’ve watched this incredible little girl and her mother take countless trips to the hospital for chemo and doctor’s visits. They’ve done such a great job keeping a positive mindset and staying focused on kicking the cancer’s ass.

One time, after leaving the hospital and seeing how much love every one of those doctors and nurses had for their patients and also how hard every one of those patients was fighting for their lives, I sat in my truck and just stared up at the cancer floor wondering what I could do to help.

I knew that if I was going to be able to make a difference, I was going to have to figure something really big out.

And then it hit me… we’re going to break a world record. But not some cheesy world record…

I’m talking about a world record that is challenging AF for us to put together and challenging AF to sign up for.

So I’m building the WORLDS LARGEST ice bath and getting 500 people to all jump in at the same time!

I had my team reach out to St. Luke’s Children’s Cancer Institute and asked for their approval to work with them on it. I also let them know our goal is to raise $100,000 to donate.

They were all in!

It’s called the Pledge For The Plunge and takes place in Boise, Idaho, on July 20, 2024. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Right now the team and I are working with the engineers on how to design such a MASSIVE cold plunge.. how many TONS of ice we’ll need.. and the laundry list of other things we’ve got to get dialed in!

If you want to know what you can do to help… JOIN THE WAITLIST for more details coming soon! In the coming weeks, we will be sharing detials with those on the list and will soon be selling tickets to the plunge (which 100% of every penny goes to St. Luke’s Children’s Cancer Institute).

You can join the waitlist here!

P.s. If you happen to have any particular skills and/or resources and want to help build the WORLDS LARGEST ice bath, please respond and let me know what you’ve got!

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