What Rooms Are YOU Putting Yourself In?

Feb 29, 2024 | Thursday Thunder

I’m sure you’ve heard that saying, “never meet your heroes”…

It’s something people say after they’ve admired someone for a long time, only to finally have a chance to meet them in person and find that they are a complete asshole.

That’s the danger of putting people on a pedestal.

Sometimes you elevate people as a symbol that seems appropriate for their alter ego, but who they actually are as a person is completely undeserving of your admiration.

You ever met anyone like that? I have and their true colors are UGLY.

But I’ve also met many people who are exactly who they present themselves to be. They are the “what you see is what you get” type. From their social media to their books and podcasts, there is no difference from who they are as a real person.

I’m sure you’re like me when it comes to your appreciation for authenticity.

Authentic people are the only kind of people I surround myself with. That’s more important to me than any amount of money they’ve made or fame they’ve acquired.

And while my circle of friends is small, I know who they are, and even though they’re humble, their impact is huge.

I also know what happens when others get a chance to meet them and how it has a way of firing you up like nothing else.

There’s just something about being in a small room with a bunch of badass, authentic people who are doing incredible things in this world. You can’t help but be inspired by their stories and motivated by their accomplishments. They remind you whats possible and teach you how to accomplish incredible things so you can live a life full of impact and abundance.

And that’s why I’m so pumped about our Ignite Your Life event in July.

I’ve got some of the most incredible.. humble.. authentic.. and motivational people on the planet coming into town for a couple of days to take part in a transformational experience for all those who attend.

Here’s who’s coming and who you’re going to absolutely want to meet…

Tim Kennedy, American hero, UFC fighter, Army Ranger, New York Times Best Selling author, and empire builder…

Tim Grover, A personal coach to MANY elite athletes such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, New York Times Best Selling author, and INCREDIBLE speaker on how to have an unstoppable winning mindset…

Ray “Cash” Care, Navy SEAL, CIA Operative, motivational coach, and badass speaker…

Jen Gottlieb, a juggernaut of an entrepreneur, incredible speaker, best-selling author, and podcast host…

Lindsey Schwartz, a Powerhouse CEO, community builder, best-selling author, and top-rated podcast host…

Elec Simon, a hype drummer and emcee that dominates the world’s largest stages…

When I tell you that being in the same room, meeting, and learning from these guys and ladies will blow your mind and put you on an entirely new path to much greater success, it’s an understatement.

The Ignite Your Life Experience is a 2-day event that happens only ONCE per year. The next event will be held on July 19-20 in Boise, Idaho.

Check out the website for more details on what we’re doing and why you absolutely will NOT want to miss it!

And if you ACT FAST, you can still grab your tickets before Early Bird pricing ENDS on March 1st. Time is RUNNING OUT before pricing goes up!

I hope you’ll check out the site and grab your tickets. I guarantee it will be one of THE BEST decisions of your life.

Jump over to the site now before Early Bird ends!

The speakers and the rest of my badass, authentic friends look forward to seeing you there!


P.S. There is NO selling.. NO pitching.. and ZERO asks for you to buy anything at this event. So don’t worry that this is one of those situations where you buy tickets only to be pitched over and over again from the stage. All you’re going to receive is pure life-changing VALUE!!

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