Why is The Effort More Valuable than The Outcome?

Aug 29, 2022 | Monday Mindset

This is the Monday Mindset Newsletter that was sent on Monday 8/29/2022…

Good morning Team,

I hope you all had a great weekend with a healthy balance of R&R with GSD!

Today’s Mindset message is rooted in several experiences I’ve had over the past two weeks where it’s been borderline awkward…

To give some background, my wife planted a seed a few months ago that she loved the new Jaguar F-Pace.

“They are sleek, good looking, and rare to see on the road” she said.

So I started looking at them. She was right.

Christen’s birthday is in December so my original plan was to surprise her with a F-Pace in the driveway with one of those big ass bows draped over the top!

But then I got impatient… I am a man of action and once an idea gets planted and I make the decision to move on it, it’s tough for me to sit on my hands for a few hours, let alone a few months.

So a couple of weeks ago my wife and I both had a clear afternoon, so I put on her calendar “field trip”.

That afternoon, we went to the Jag dealership and as soon as we walked inside the showroom, we saw a magnificent blue F-Pace… but not just any F-Pace… the SVR (Special Vehicle Rating). Instantly I walked over to it and took a closer look at the 5.0-liter 550hp V8 Supercharged beauty.

The car was gorgeous from every angle… inside and out…

So Ted, our salesman arranged for it to be taken out of the showroom so that Christen and I could take it for a spin.

Suffice it to say, from the moment we heard it start up and heard the roar of the pipes and felt the balance between luxury and power, we knew…

Once back from the test drive, I told Ted the three magical words… “Write it up”.

45 minutes later we were on our way home and the heads were already turning as we made our way through traffic.

So here is where things have gotten a bit awkward…

Since bringing the car home, we’ve been congratulated several times.

Just this weekend we were at a BBQ and on our way out, someone came over popped their head in to peek inside. On their way out they congratulated us…

It was probably the 20th time we’ve been congratulated.

And every time people have said, “congratulations”, I know they are saying it from the heart and with the best intentions.

Each time it’s been said, I verbally respond with, “Thank you!” BUT my internal voice has said, “What are you really congratulating me for?”

You see, being congratulated for the purchase of our new badass sports car is congratulating the OUTCOME, not the EFFORT that was put in to obtain the outcome.

Having the financial means to walk in to a dealership and walk out with a $100k sports car – is the result of the effort thats gone into making a purchase like that even possible.

In other words, the F-Pace is a lagging indicator of the success thats come through the effort thats been put in consistenly for years.

And while others may know I am a hard worker and get shit done, they aren’t with me at 4am when my alarm goes off… They aren’t there to do my work when choosing hard over easy… They aren’t being consistent and disciplined for me… They aren’t keeping the promises I make to myself and others…

I am the author of my own destiny. I have the power and control to change my circumstances. I am in the drivers seat of my own life.

And so are you!!

So here’s the point.. While no one can ever argue with Outcomes and Results, those Outcomes and Results are always lagging indicators of the Effort you put into producing the ideal outcomes and results.

If I could change anything about the circumstance around our new Jaguar F-Pace SVR, it would be that the congratulations would be focused on the years of dedicated hard work and effort, not the car itself.


If there is any area of your life that are unsatisfactory to you or your family, you can change them. It just takes consistent effort in the important areas. The outcomes will follow.

Have a great week team,


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