Primary Traits of Overcoming Adversity

Jun 20, 2022 | Monday Mindset

Happy Monday, Team!

I hope all of you dads had a great Father’s Day weekend and were celebrated for all the effort, energy and sacrifice you’ve made for your children. 

Last week was MDK Project class 014 in Southern California. We had 36 people signed up and on the roster to show up, but only 30 men were lined up for roll call at the beginning of the class…

Over the next 75 hours of one of the grueling and challenging programs on earth, Class 014 slowly began to dwindle. One by one, we would have a Candidate raise their hand and tell us they were done. They had made the decision to throw in the towel and were ready to ring the bell. 

By the 75th hour, 11 men were gone. While a few of them were medical rolls, the majority simply quit… 

… the remaining 19 men made it across the finish line and were welcomed into our Brotherhood. 

And in the honor of the men who did finish, I thought I would share with you the 2 primary traits that are always present in overcoming adversity… 

Thing #1 is Preparation. 

You’ve heard me say it before, “Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance”. 

If there’s one mistake I see people make too often, it’s to fail to prepare for chaos before chaos strikes…

The time to prepare is BEFORE there is an issue, not once the issue is on your doorstep. As the saying goes, “when it’s time to perform, the time to prepare is over”. 

Thing # 2 is Faith. 

Faith removes limitations. Through faith in yourself, your ability to thrive and overcome any  obstacles in your path – there’s virtually nothing you can’t accomplish. 

The people we all see accomplish the most challenging of circumstances, don’t allow doubt to take up real estate within their minds. They hold fast to their faith. And when that faith is unwavering, look out… shit is going to get done in a major way! 

And that’s it team… If you want the cheat code to take yourself and your family’s circumstances to the next level, Prepare and have Faith

Then do the work. 

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