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AUGUST 8, 2023

Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Fire with Matt Schneider: From SWAT Operator to 8-Figure SaaS Titan, he’s the go-to expert for transformative success. Embrace his coaching prowess, bask in the Ubuntu Couples community’s magic, and witness unparalleled ROI.

Step into a world of authenticity, passion, and wealth creation as you embark on an unforgettable journey with Matt. Break free from mediocrity, conquer life’s challenges, and claim your place among the elite.

Connect with Matt Schneider now and ignite the spark of greatness within you!

The Untamed Spirit of SaaS – A Journey to 8-Figure Greatness

Meet Matt Schneider @mattschneider_official, the Executive Vice President and Co-Owner of Fit Pro Tracker, a fitness SaaS company with soaring ambitions, aiming for a target valuation of $100M.

But that’s not all—Matt is a seasoned entrepreneur with an awe-inspiring track record in the world of business.

Before his entrepreneurial journey, Matt spent a decade in law enforcement, where he held various critical roles, including five years as a SWAT Operator, US Marshals Fugitive Team TFO, and Undercover Narcotics Detective.

It was in 2013 when he took the leap into entrepreneurship, and boy, has he left his mark!

Unraveling the String of Successes

Matt’s life is a living testament to success, both personally and professionally.

In addition to his remarkable entrepreneurial ventures, he is a dedicated family man, married for 17 years to an incredible wife, and has an amazing 14-year-old son.

Together, they even train and compete in Jiu Jitsu—a family bound by passion and excellence.

But it’s on the coaching side where Matt’s prowess truly shines.

His coaching expertise is so sought after that he commands an impressive $1,625 per hour. The reason behind his high demand is a proven track record of helping clients achieve remarkable returns, often reaching a staggering ROI of 30-40X.

While he coaches, Matt has two other top-notch coaches at $750/hr, and he manages to make $875/hr, all while cherishing quality time with his family.

Notably, Matt is the mastermind behind the Ubuntu Couples community—a vibrant hub where health, wealth, and relationships intertwine.

The community’s members, true “expanders,” dream big, take bold actions, and achieve incredible success in both their personal and professional lives.

The Vision: A Life of Abundance and Positive Impact

Matt’s vision extends far beyond personal success. He aims to build a life filled with excitement, passion, and an abundance of time and money freedom for himself and his family.

But it doesn’t stop there—Matt and his family are on a mission to become servant leaders and have a profound, positive impact on the world before their days are done.

Lessons Learned: From Rock Bottom to Soaring Heights

Matt’s journey to success hasn’t been a smooth ride all the way. In 2015-2016, he found himself at rock bottom, facing bankruptcy and personal turmoil.

But he rose from the ashes by taking control of his life, refusing excuses, and surrounding himself with high-achieving individuals.

That transformation became a catalyst for his incredible achievements.

The Unique Perspective: Leadership as the Key to Success

Within his industry, Matt’s perspective stands out like a guiding beacon. He firmly believes that leadership is both the problem and the solution.

Too many people limit their potential by surrounding themselves with mediocrity, blaming others for their circumstances, and making endless excuses.

In contrast, Matt urges individuals to embrace the power and control they hold over their own lives and make a conscious choice to elevate themselves to greatness.

The Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Invest in Growth and Surround Yourself with Excellence

For those aspiring to achieve entrepreneurial success, Matt’s advice is both straightforward and potent: Invest in personal and professional development, surround yourself with individuals who score 9s and 10s on a scale of excellence, and don’t hesitate to seek guidance from coaching and mentorship.

Inspiration and Long-Term Goals

Matt’s inspiration to go all-in came from a harrowing realization—the impending loss of his family, coupled with his deteriorating health and financial hardships.

It was a wakeup call that led him to embark on a journey of self-improvement and empowerment.

Looking ahead (as 2023 unfolds), Matt has his eyes set on growing the Ubuntu Couples community to a whopping 1,000 members—a feat that will not only translate to 500 strengthened marriages but also positively impact tens of thousands of lives.

The Evidence of Excellence

Matt’s success and excellence speak for themselves. His coaching website is a treasure trove of testimonials and social proof, while his physical health stands as a testament to his dedication and discipline.

Google his software company, talk to anyone in his community—the proof is out there, showcasing Matt’s position in the top 1% of the industry.

Learning from Mistakes: Authenticity and Proximity

Matt has learned from his mistakes, emphasizing the futility of “faking it till you make it.”

He discovered the power of authenticity and vulnerability, acknowledging that seeking help and building healthy, prosperous relationships were the true keys to his transformation.

The Future: A Multi-Million Dollar Exit and Expanding Prosperity

In the long run, Matt’s vision includes achieving a multi-million dollar exit for his company, growing the Ubuntu Couples community to a staggering 3,500 members, and nurturing a business coaching enterprise with 10 high-level coaches, each serving 60 clients—a venture generating over $1M/month in revenue.

Matt Schneider, The Go-To Success Coach and Mentor

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, Matt stands out as a seasoned expert, an 8-figure serial entrepreneur with an awe-inspiring journey and numerous landmark successes in the SaaS industry.

He epitomizes resilience, discipline, and consistency—qualities that propelled him from law enforcement to becoming a household name in the business world.

Matt’s life, guided by Ubuntu Couples’ values, serves as a beacon of inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs, urging them to embrace leadership, invest in growth, and pursue authenticity to achieve lifelong success.

If you’re ready to transform your life and business, don’t wait—connect with @mattschneider_official now and embark on a transformative journey toward greatness!

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