Is Average your Enemy?

Oct 31, 2022 | Monday Mindset

Happy Halloween,

We’ve officially begun the holiday season!

But it’s not just the holiday season that has kicked off… So has the season of testing people’s willpower and discipline.

You see, virtually nobody goes into the holiday season with a desire to be fatter and less healthy on the other side of the New Year, but yet year after year, countless people break the promises they made to themselves about staying on track with their nutrition and not getting out of hand with the holiday sweets…

Sometime in mid-January, people all over jump on the scale or step in front of the mirror and begin the see the outcomes their poor decision-making. Perhaps you’ve been here in the past?

This week’s Mindset Message is about how the Average Person Inspires No One.

There is a saying that my friends over at Few Will Hunt have put on one of their shirts… It says, “Average Is The Enemy”.

It’s so true.

How tragic is it for someone who has average goals, an average job with average pay, an average relationship with their spouse and kids, and is on an average path in life?

Think about all the opportunities and experiences left on the table as a result…

So how does that relate to this year’s holiday season? Simple… Millions of people right now are entering the holiday season with goals of not over-consuming food and desserts but as the days and weeks go on, they will take the average path and break those promises to themselves and give into the cravings.

They will justify to themselves why breaking the promise or giving in to the cravings is OK. This is the path of the average man/woman.

Do not be one of those people. Do not be average this holiday season (or ever).

Whatever commitments you’re making to yourself in regard to how you’re going to behave over the holidays, KEEP THOSE COMMITMENTS. Exercise discipline and self-restraint. Say NO to things that will pull you away from your goals.

Be the person at the party or family gathering that puts your health and goals first, and that you’re not like the average person who will cave to cravings and temptations.

Then watch how your decisions and actions inspire others to rethink their average behavior….

Not only will you stay on track with your health and fitness goals, but you will have a healthy ripple effect on others around you and will inspire them to stay on track with their goals.

So, what path will you take this holiday season? The path of Average or the path of Inspiration?

The choice is easy. The discipline to keep your commitment isn’t… if you’re average.

Go forth and conquer,


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