GSD – Getting Sh*% Done

Aug 15, 2022 | Monday Mindset

This is the Monday Mindset Newsletter that was sent on Monday 8/15/2022…

Good morning from Nashville!

I hope you all had a great weekend and accomplished GSD (getting shit done)!

Myself and the CEO of our software company came to Nashville for their GSD conference. The topic was on sales and it was the formal announcement that Loud Rumor, the country’s largest fitness marketing company, had teamed up with Fit Pro Tracker, our gym software company.

The conference was awesome and Nashville is such a fun city to visit. If you’ve never been, it is absolutely worth the trip!

The topic of the GSD conference being Sales was timely…

As the United States continues to feel the impact of inflation.. supply chain issues.. interest rate increases.. record high gas prices.. economic uncertainty.. and poor decisions by world leaders…

… Families all over the country and world are seeing their lives being negatively impacted and a reminder that money is oxygen in business and in life.

It’s tough to survive without it…

But here’s the good news. Even though we have no control over the prices on the shelves at the grocery store, the cost per gallon at the pump, interest rates, and in so many other really important areas, we can create our own economy and isolate ourselves and our families from it.

How? By having multiple diversified revenue streams.

If your family had a minimum of 3 to 5 diversified revenue streams, you create our own economy and isolate yourself and your family from outside circumstances that you have zero control over.

For me and my family, we have 5. My role as the Executive Vice President and equity owner of our software company, Ignition Year Coaching for entrepreneurs, The Project (mens development program), the Squire Program (a father/son program), and my wife’s income.

Each of these programs is diverse and serves a different avatar.

When times are great, each one of these revenue streams is optimized. For other times when one or maybe even two of them are taking a hit due to outside circumstances, we still have multiple others that ensure I can continue to protect and provide for my family in a way that our livelihood isn’t impacted at all.

So here is my call to action for you all… You know that money is like oxygen to your family and business. Lack of money is among the #1 reasons for arguments and divorce. Lack of money is among the #1 reasons for businesses failing.

In order to avoid the pain and stress caused to your family, businesses, employees, and those who are counting on you, find a minimum of 3-5 diversified revenue streams.

Make it a point to get these going as quickly as possible so that as world leaders continue to wage wars and make decisions that impact the cost of everything, you and your family’s livelihood won’t be impacted and can have all the oxygen you need to thrive.

Have a great week team!


P.S. Some of you may have seen a post that I made last week on social media with an image of a partial month of more than $33K of monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from my part-time coaching program.

I’ve decided to help others who want to start an online coaching program. A year and a half ago I created a program that provides so much value to my clients, that they gladly pay me $2,500 per month for 2 hours of my time. Right now I spend about 25 hours a month coaching clients and generating over $30K every month.

If you have considered starting a coaching program and you want my playbook so you can create your own 6-figure program, I have a few more spots left at the early bird pricing. The cost until the end of August or all the early bird seats are filled is $4,500. Once early bird is over, the cost is $5,000 for the course.

Clearly, for the kind of earning potential, the investment more than pays for itself many times over…

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