Collapsing Time vs. Taking Shortcuts

Aug 22, 2022 | Monday Mindset

This is the Monday Mindset Newsletter that was sent on Monday 8/22/2022…

Good morning Team!

Last week I wrote to you from Nashville, TN. Today, I write to you from Los Angeles where I will speaking at a book launch for Casey Fleyshman, a friend, massively successful entrepreneur, and major influencer for 1st Phorm.

I will be on stage tonight alongside the “Titan” Mike O’Hearn, Bedros Keuliian, Wes Watson, Ana Cheri, and a few other heavy hitters, speaking on Mindset and Fitness. It’s an honor to share the stage with them.

Here’s a snippet on what I will speaking to the crowd about… The Difference Between Collapsing Time vs. Taking Shortcuts.

Did you know that the FASTEST point from A to B is NOT actually a straight line?

How many times have we heard that… and believed it?!

The fact of the matter is, a straight line is much slower than the Brachistochrone curve. Don’t believe me? Simply solve this equation to find out for yourself! integrate(sqrt((1+(d(int1(x),x))^2)/max(0-int1(x),eps)),x,0,xB) -or- you can watch this video.

More on how the Brachistochrone applies to collapsing time to success, in a moment….

When living life with urgency, getting shit done as quickly as possible is essential. We look to GSD and check off as many important tasks as quickly as we can so that we can stack another win, continue to build momentum, and reach our next big goal.

But just as there is confusion around a straight line being the fastest, there is also confusion around HOW to get more shit done, more quickly.

Frequently, when I first begin working with Coaching Clients, there is some frustration around how hard they’ve been working compared to the results being yielded. And most of the time the culprit as to why they are frustrated is because they THINK they are taking the fastest route when they’re not!

They’re trying to take a shortcut…

However, after guiding my clients through a process of challenging how they conduct their lives and businesses, it becomes clear why they are getting outpaced and beat to the finish line by others taking a different approach.

The other thing that I help my clients realize is that when it comes to getting more shit done, it’s not them that should be doing it… The answer to achieving more and accomplishing more is almost always found in two areas…

1) Asking the right questions. By asking one right question, you can solve dozens of issues. However, by asking one wrong question, you can create dozens of issues.

2) Hire the right people. When it comes to getting more shit done, the question needing to be asked is usually not just “what needs to get done?” but also “who do I need to do it?” You can not accomplish everything yourself. Don’t be afraid to invest in others who will help you. Infact, if there are ever any important tasks that you could hire out, and in doing so the person could help you do more, earn more, give more, provide more, or server more…. Hire it out! The more badass players you get on your team, the more moves you can make and more you can collapse time to GSD.

So as you kick off this week, here is my challenge to you…

Understand that there is a difference between shortcuts and collapsing time to success. Know that just because you’ve always been told something, doesn’t mean it’s the truth. Don’t just blindly follow advice from anyone willing to give it…

Surround yourself around others who have a track record of success and seek their council. Because their experience can help you understand that while some things may seem like a shortcut, they aren’t… And some things that are contrary to popular belief and seem counterintuitive, are actually how you collapse time to WINNING!

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