Are you really Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk?

Sep 26, 2022 | Monday Mindset

This is the Monday Mindset Newsletter that was sent on Monday 9/26/2022…

Good morning, Team!

This weekend I had the opportunity to experience the Squire Program with my son.

Ever since starting the Squire Program two years ago, I’ve been envious of the dads that have been able to bring their sons through. And finally, my son had his 13th birthday and was ready to join Class 007.

The Squire Program is a 15-hour event that is designed to be a rite of passage for young men, as well as, an opportunity for the father and son to bond on a whole new level.

The way both of these objectives are achieved is through…. the Lessons learned on the other side of Adversity.

Throughout the entire 15 hours, both the fathers and sons are put through evolution after evolution where there are varying degrees of mental and/or physical adversity that they need to overcome.

Some evolutions are completed as a father/son team, while others are done individually.

But let me share with you one of the secrets of what makes the Squire Program so impactful and how you can create a positive impact and influence on the people you love as well.

Some of life’s most important lessons are TAUGHT and CAUGHT through ADVERSITY.

We’ve all heard it before… In life, it’s 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.

During the 15 hours of the Squire Program, the sons watch how their dads respond to the adversity that’s being thrown their way. The boys are observing their dads attitude about the adversity.. Their commitment to overcoming the adversity.. Their refusal to quit.. The ways to navigate and take control of the situation..

The boys are watching everything and taking note. And then they replicate the behavior.

The actions and behaviors of the dads were the lessons being CAUGHT by their sons.

But understanding the how’s, when’s or why’s of what they were observing from their fathers wasn’t always clear to the boys. So the dads would have to take the time to explain why they were making the decisions they were based on their life experience, something their son’s lack.

These were the lessons that were being TAUGHT to their sons.

And that is when the light bulbs for the young men really turned on!

As a Role Model to your kids, spouse, teams, and friends, you must understand that life’s most important lessons are Taught through explanation and Caught through demonstration.

So make sure to always walk the walk AND talk the talk.

Go forth and conquer,


P.S. If you’re curious about the Squire Program, you can learn more here.

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